Aussie Battlers

Buried Feather from Melbourne. This sounds like Moon Duo to me.

DMA’s from Sydney. Interviewed them ahead of their performance at Laneways. Top blokes. Really down to earth given they’ve blown up in the UK.

Orb – Geelong, Australia. Blending Tame Impala & Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats.

God – Melbourne 1987.

Sydney. These guys played a the 95bFM Christmas party in 2012.


Scandinavian guitar (plus Austria)

De Underjordiske from Denmark. I’m unsure if that translates to “The Underground” or “The Underearthlings”.

Goat from Sweden! Will they ever play live in New Zealand? Fingers crossed.

Juleah is a solo multi-instrumentalist  from Austria. She plays everything on this record!

Les Big Byrd from Stockholm, Sweden. Featuring members of the Teddybears.

Weedpecker from Warszawa, Poland.

Talmud Beach – Helsinki, Finland

Eclectic Electronica

This Psychemagik rework of Beyond the Wizards Sleeve “Creation” features on a yellow 12″. Released in July 2016, “Creation” is the second single from Beyond the Wizards sleeve excellent record The Soft Bounce.

Italian producer Cosmic Garden released his Sealaconda EP 12″ in October 2016. It’s super catchy proto-deep house. He credits “nature power” as the inspiration for this release.

Marcus Marr is a multi-instrumentalist, DJ & Producer from London. “Pleasure Moon” was used to open the 2014 Versace show in Milan.

Daniel Avery showcases decadent rhythmic minimalism on his 2013 release Drone Logic.

Hendrik Schwarz remixes a 1978 Ebo Taylor & Pat Thomas gem.

Instrumental psych

Toy hail from Brighton, England. “Conductor” is the opening track from their sophomore album. The track moves to the front foot and works into some fine trance inducing krautrock.

Miami Deutsch formed during 2014 in Tokyo, Japan. The band members are masters of Motorik beat & repetitive freakouts. They draw a heavily from their forefathers Neu! and Can. Their 2015 S/T debut was originally released on cassette and subsequently vinyl.

Hills are a three piece based in Gothenburg, Sweden. The single “Montelius Väg” featured on a limited double 7″ release for Sonic Cathedral. Get your hands on a copy if you can find one. As with many modern bands from Sweden, Hills draw influence from lot of great bands from the 60’s and 70’s. This track features some great flute!

35007 formed in the late eighties in Eindhoven, Netherlands. By the early 2000’s they had evolved into an instrumental band. “20 09” is the opening track from their final record Phase V. The release features a new guitarist and a few subtle adjustment to their style. In my book they are kings of the space rock genre.

Gnod from Salford, UK join forces with White Hills from New York. Taken from their album Gnod Drop out with the White Hills II, “Drop Out” is a propulsive and swirling hypnotic epic.